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Now upgrade your Luminess Air airbrush system to also tan! This kit includes everything you will need to achieve a flawless, sun-kissed & golden tan with your Luminess Air airbrush system. This package includes all the upgrades and tanning solution for that straight from the beach glow! Requires a Luminess Air cosmetic system to work.

Whether you’re looking for a light healthy golden glow or a deep dark velvety tan, our spa-quality tanning upgrade kit is the leading way to get that professional salon flawless tan now at home

What It Contains: 
1 – Deluxe 150 inches rubber air hose         
1 – Reusable cleaning bottle         
1 – Intake valve         
1 – Luminess Air Tan Airbrush Stylus          
2 – Bottles of Luminess Air Tan Solution, available in two shades

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews

Is the tanning solution waterproof or are you able to swim with it on? I'd hate to be so utterly embarrassed as to walk into the pool only to have a brown circle growing around me and to walk out with it running down in dark lines only to have it come off in patches on my towel as I dry myself. Oh how horrible that would be at the office swim party. Wrong way to attract attention, right? Otherwise, on a dry body, it looks fantastic.


Does anybody know if you need a different adapter to spray tan with your luminess air make up kit


Great Package For a affordable price Love my sun kissed skin very healthy Tan!!


Very easy to do at home and gives you the perfect tan in minutes


My husband spray tanned me for the first time yesterday at home and I love this. The best product I could have bought. I was thinking about spending hundreds of dollars going to get sun tanned at the salon and my husband suggested this. Thank God for him!


i like it


Money saver and i get compliments recommend it to all my girls a healthier tan without those skin damaging chemicals!!


this a great buy i was looking into purchasing the whole system all over again thinking i needed a new tanning compressor thanks to this upgrade and luminess CS i came to find out i can use the same foundation compressor thanks for you're great sales now i can tan all yr long and save money!!


My mother bought me a system but I really wanted the tanning system.. Comet o find out you can just order the tanning upgrade and just like that, I have a tanning system!!! I am so happy. No more scary tanning beds for me!