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Fotoset Primer

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A primer that helps you achieve a younger look by resurfacing the skin and diminishing the look of spots and blemishes giving you a picture perfect finish.

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews

I also.would love to try this item from your box of beauty!!! I an a first time Luminess client, and I rush ordered my kit thinking I would be a medium to my surprise I am evidently in the light skin club .. I had used a girlfriends machine and I loved it but she had medium Foundation and I didn't think I look too bad and I tried to use the medium that I got with my kit and I look like a reverse clown to having a white face and a really dark face... I am hoping that I emailed soon enough to get light make-up to go with this light skin of mine!!! I am excited looking forward to using my Luminess Air Silk!!!


I would like to try this product, will you please let me know when it is back in stock? Thank you ever so kindly! 😍


When will this be back in stock???


I really want to try this. Please let me know when it's back in stock! Thank you!!!


I love this makes your skin look smooth and younger.Please let me know when in stock.


Yes please let me know when this is in stock Also I would love to try Thanks


Please let me know when back in stock! Thank you


I've read the reviews for the Primer and would love to be notified when it is available! I've used a primer before & LOVED it! Stress damages your face as much as the sun!! Awaiting anxiously!!


Please let me know when this is back!!!


Please let me know when this is back!!!


I truly love this product... my problem is the pump, it doesn't work sometimes even when it still has a great amount of product! I hate the this product has a big demand and it's hard to find in stock knowing that!


PLEASE bring this primer back!


I'm wondering where this primer is? When is it coming back? I have semi oily skin and a little rosacea issue to my face. I don't see any other primer that takes care of the issues this one does. Is it coming back? Please help!


Yes! please bring this product back. I've been out and I've never used anything like it before. It is ONE of your best products. Don't throw this product out, keep it coming in. I just hate that I ran out of it!!!!


please bring this product works perfectly!