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Brighten, mattify, illuminate, Correct & Perfect. Luminess Air’s new line of airbrush color correctors are more than just concealers. Each color is infused with skin-perfecting minerals that structure and smooth skin texture so that skin isn’t just corrected—it’s perfected.

Every person’s skin is different, with different needs. These correctors’ unique airbrush formula allows you to customize the correction to your skin. Just choose the color that best fits your needs, and build coverage in light layers until the problem area is neutralized. The formula’s versatility also enables you to mix the corrector in with your foundation to eliminate the extra steps in your beauty ritual.

Choose the color corrector that best suits your skin’s needs. Place 2-3 drops in airbrush stylus — you can always add more later if needed — and lightly spray over problem areas in small circles. Apply in light layers, letting each layer dry before applying the next, until desired coverage is reached. Alternatively, place 2-3 drops of chosen color corrector in airbrush stylus, then add 6-8 drops of your favorite Luminess Air Airbrush Foundation. Place finger over stylus tip and gently pull back on trigger to back bubble, thereby mixing the formulas. Apply airbrush foundation as you normally would.
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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews

I've been using the Luminess Air Products and machine for 3 days now and everyday I love it more and more!

 Susan Y

These colors are perfect for fixing your foundation to your skin. I am a little too red so using the green in my foundation allows it to perfectly match my skin. Or I can put it on first on conceal all the extra red on my skin. I cannot use the odd numbered foundations as they have a yellow tone to them. With the amount of red in my skin they leave me looking sallow. And on some days I have too much red showing for the even numbers with their red tone. On those days I use the green Prism to correct my skin or to neutralize the red in the foundation. Perfect. Thanks Luminess Air for finally coming up with this product.


Love love the green color! Cuts the warmth right out of any of the foundation colors!!! I cannot wait to play with the others!