Airbrush Eye shadow Sets

Airbrush Eye shadow Sets

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Long-Lasting, High Performance Airbrush Eye Shadows. Give Your Eyes A Luminous Coverage By Wearing On Them A Professional Variety Of Selectively- Prepared Eye Shadows - Distinct In Look, Design And Color. They Provide Your Eyes A Warmer, And Natural Glow And Hygienically Prepared For Safe Use.

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews

severooo maquillaje !!! estuvo una chimba esa aplicacion ! severooo mi cucho ahora me quiere mas :D


Great product. Goes on perfectly. Better than powder, cremes, gels, ointments. Doesn't pull skin at all. It is fun to apply shadow. Dries instantly. Couldn't ask for better. Will buy more.


This combo works well together. Airbrush application goes on effortlessly. No pulling on skin whatsoever.

 Amber R Hanson

Love it.


Very good product

 Jelly Welker

I just used my Luminess for the first time. It is so easy to use. The makeup provides full coverage flawlessly just as advertised. Although the $400 price tag might be pricey I think it's worth it for how beautiful the makeup makes me look and feel. It covered a scar that I have had on my face since childhood better than any other makeup has ever done before. My favorite use by far was to apply eyeshadow. I'm 52 and my eyes are beginning to wrinkle and eyeshadow gets more challenging ever day. The airbrushed eyeshadow is AWESOME! My face doesn't feel too over made and with only using a few drops of makeup I can only imagine I'll save money on makeup over time.


I am in love with my airbrush, it makes me feel so much younger.

 Kristin Copper

Looks amazing with my hazel eyes. Still a little nervous when I am applying but I am getting the hang of it.

 L.C. Common

I have the hardest time matching shades together.. Thank you Luminess for making it so easy!

 layla G

By Far the best eye shadow i ever used beautiful shades goes with all skin tones and Luminess has all the color you can think of had to collect them all !!!

 Easier Than I Thought!

My eyeshadows came with my kit. I thought it would be so hard to do but it's actually pretty easy. I just have to be careful not to open my eyes immediately after use because it will crease but once i let it dry for a second it looks perfect!!

 Tari K.

Because they are air-brush all the blending is down for you and get a beautiful seamless look without needed multiple expensive brushes!