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Luminous HD coverage from head to toe!

The leader in airbrush technology brings you the Luminess 2-Speed Pro Airbrush Makeup System – your secret weapon for radiant, glowing full body coverage. 

Effortlessly achieve professional quality results at home with this age-defying, multi-speed airbrush cosmetics system. The revolutionary 2-Speed Pro is designed with three pre-programmed air speeds: Light (L) for eye shadow and eyebrow application, Medium (M) for face and neck application and high (H) for full body application. 

The 2-Speed Pro has a whisper quiet motor, continuous airflow and a patented stylus that delivers a micro-fine mist of tiny pixels, transforming aging skin into ageless skin. The 2-Speed Pro effortlessly eliminates wrinkles, evens skin tone and smooths texture for a youthful, flawless finish that looks and feels as natural as bare skin.

Luminess Airbrush Foundations deliver high-impact pigments in a feather-light, buildable formula that allows your skin to breathe. With just one airbrush application, fine lines blur, imperfections disappear and pores are minimized, letting your natural luminosity shine through. Due to its superior blend-ability, our entire line easily transitions from sheer to complete coverage without ever looking thick or cakey. Our airbrush cosmetics are perfect for all skin types and provide exceptionally rich dimension and seamless coverage in a range of skin-matching shades.

The 2-Speed Pro is dermatologist tested and recommended. Airbrushing helps eliminate cross-contamination, resulting in healthier, fresher skin. Along with our revolutionary line of foundations, the 2-Speed Pro is designed for easy, quick and long-lasting applications of concealer, primer, moisturizer, blush, eye shadow, bronzer, skincare rejuvenation products and much more. 

For flawless, flattering results from head to toe, try the 2-Speed Pro Makeup System today. 

Kit Includes:
Pro Airbrush Compressor and Stylus
AC Adaptor
1 Year Warranty
2 – 0.50oz Silk 4 in 1 Foundation
1 – 0.25oz Blush
1 – 0.25oz Love
1 – 0.25oz Primer
1 – 0.25oz Blush

Foundation shades in each kit:
FAIR: Shade 010 & 020
MEDIUM: Shade 030 & 040
WARM: Shade 060 & 070
TAN: Shade 090 & 100
DEEP: Shade 120 & 130
RICH: Shade 160 & 180

Blush shades:
Fair Starter Kit - Tulip Airbrush Blush
Medium Starter Kit - Soft Rose Airbrush Blush
Warm Starter Kit - Soft Rose Airbrush Blush
Tan Starter Kit - Apricot Airbrush Blush
Deep Starter Kit - Plum Airbrush Blush
Rich Starter Kit - Plum Airbrush Blush

•    2 pre-programmed air speeds for eye, face and body applications 
•    Ultra-Low PSI for soft and precise makeup application
•    Lightweight, compact and durable enough for travel
•    Whisper quiet motor
•    Sculpt, shape and highlight without ever touching your face
•    Professional makeup artist results at home
•    Dermatologist tested and recommended
•    Easy to use on the face and body

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews
 Tammy Lanum

I looove this!! It is extremely easy to use... and I felt as tho I had my make up professionally done! I do not feel the make up as it is so light.


Omheavens....LOVE LOVE LOVE, this has changed my facial life, the pro RG3speed is the answer to all of my desires, easy, complete and stunning! Blown on there is no pushing, rubbing, pulling of my skin to get foundation on and looking even close to what this air applied primer foundation, blush does for my skin and looks! Im sold for life!

 Sandy Hughes

LOVE my Luminess Air Brush system! One makeup bottle is very leaky, so a good bit was lost. However, I'm liking the makeup, but had to play around with the colors. It is so light and airy feeling on my skin, which has completely sold me. I wish there was a hard case for travel. All in all, I love the system and the products. I can't stop buying more products. LoL It's fun and quick to apply. Easy to complete a light quick coverage, or go all out for a night on the town. LOVE <3


I received my Luminess kit...the first application was super easy, coverage was great! I love the flawless look and without use of my hand, brush, or sponge. The foundation colors are great, I am able to get a perfect color match. I travel often, so investment in the hard case is a must. I wish I had tried this sooner!

 Gena (Dallas, TX)

I love my new Luminous System! I ordered late June 2018 and it arrived before the Independence holiday. So quick! The online order offered this upgraded system with the 3-speed and extra makeup which was a great choice! (Although my Shade 3 bottle's inner cap was faulty, I will be resiliant in finding a jar to pour that into to avoid wasting more of it down the sink.) Excellent Service overall!!!

 I am truly happy with my 3 Speed Pro.

the makeup goes on delicately ,well blended on the skin and not streaky ,after a certain age ,. I am definitely not going back to applying it how I was , Machines have a purpose and I believe the 3 Speed Pro serves me in applying my makeup and I love it.


I used the Luminess Basic airbrush system for the first time today. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use my very first time. I’d never used an airbrush system before so thought I would have to go through the seven day challenge period but my first try was awesome. I loved the way it looked on my face. Even more I loved not having to go through using my fingers and/or sponges to blend the foundation. I’m a fan and look forward to my next applications.

 Sharon Duren

I have a rare autoimmune disease called Progressive Systemic Scleroderma. It affects many things one of them is my skin. My skin on my face is thick and shinny and tight. It also has affected my hands. I have tried a lot of makeup and nothing helped my face look normal. And applying it was so hard due to my hands not working normally. I cried all the time. My husband saw Luminess on T.V and convinced me to try it. I look normal and I have no trouble applying it because it’s easy to hold. For the first time in 1 1/2 years I look like me. I like putting it on. I am terminally ill and I get so tired so easy but the Luminess is so easy and takes hardly no time. Thank you Luminess for giving a little part of the old me (before I was sick) back. I LOVE LUMINESS!!!


I love my system I had been breaking out with other make up but with Luminess it goes on light with the air so don’t get into pores my breaking out has stop and my make up looks great so glad I found this product

 Judith Crowell

I'm 74 yrs old with redness, age spots and wrinkles. After watching how to video applied for the first time and would have gone out with results. Easy to use and sure it will get easier. Evened out skin tones and didn't cake in the wrinkles. Pretty expensive but not sorry I purchased.


I just received mine today and already used it. Makeup was flawless I was in shock. I highly recommend it 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


Please bring back the trade-in/upgrade promotion!!! I have bought 2 earlier models & REALLY want the new one with the video screen for tutorials! However, I don't need the 2 systems I already have, never mind 3, & I really can't afford another machine outright (& neither can my marriage LOL). I'd like the option of trading up, especially after all the years I've been a loyal customer, but I just barely missed the last time the promo was available. I've been putting off selling my oldest Luminess model awaiting the return of this option. :) Thanks for everything, Luminess!


I absolutely love my new luminess airbrush, my husband bought it for me for mothers day and I use it almost everyday! Thank you! It makes me look and feel even more beautiful than I already am!


I love this machine, but I also wondered what the red button was for, n Thaxs Susan, you've cleats that up for me, I agree, think they'd mention that, SOMEWHERE, My first try, lol,,I looked 🍊, like self tanners back in the day, seen that n whow,, nope, off that came,, like I read, I'll master in cpl days... Happy applying...


Good to read on that red button; I didn't know either what that was fort till reading a review about it; a Thaxs for that, I just got my system n a newbie for sure,, first try I looked orange,,, no way did i apply right; lol, i looked orange, reminded me of self tanner lotions in years past,,looked,seen n a big AAAH, NO WAY, N took off; as one said; I'll have it mastered in cpl days, n doing eye brows, would intimidate me also, have nothing to do on experiment days, for sure...