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Silk Airbrush Foundation

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Luminess Air’s Silk Airbrush Foundation is a sheer coverage, ultra-lightweight foundation that delivers an outrageously rich, smooth and silky finish that gives the look of healthy, moisturized skin. 

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What is Silk?

For centuries, silk has been prized for its exotic connotations, its sensual feel, its richness and magic. Luminess has transformed the fabric of royalty into a sheer, buildable coverage foundation with a rich, skin-perfecting finish. Silk evens out your skin tone for a more polished version of yourself. 

Silk Airbrush Foundation is formulated with fine, lustrous hydrolyzed silk threads and the humectant glycerin to penetrate and moisturize your skin. Together these water-binding properties rejuvenate your skin’s appearance by healing and hydrating, giving you a youthful, bright complexion. Hydrolyzed silk threads are strong, fibrous and elastic, preventing Silk from creasing or settling into fine lines, and keeping it fresh, and in place, all day. 

Makeup minimalists can simplify their morning ritual with a seamless finish in fewer steps. With just one light airbrush application, wrinkles instantly soften, pores diminish and visible imperfections disappear, leaving you with a natural silky effect and a powdery finish. If you need more coverage, Silk’s superior blend-ability easily goes from sheer to full coverage while still allowing your skin to breathe and your natural luminosity to shine through. 

Mineral-based, oil-free and hypoallergenic, Silk’s gentle formula is light enough for everyday use. Silk provides 10+ hours of transfer- and smudge-resistant coverage for a flawless natural sheen and warmth that lasts all day.  

Much like the silkworm that emerges from its chrysalis, Silk transforms your skin, giving you a smooth and silky complexion that looks as young and fresh as new skin.   

Who is Silk For?

This luxurious, all-in-one airbrush foundation was developed for the woman who wants sheer to medium coverage with a smooth and silky finish. With just a few drops, Silk blurs imperfections including large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, redness, scars, birthmarks, blemishes, rosacea, discolorations and dark under eye circles. 

For those with acne-prone or problem skin, Silk is infused with neem extract which is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Neem extract contains antioxidant compounds that soothe inflammation and help defend your skin against age-promoting free radicals. 

Silk is universally flattering for all skin types and provides exceptionally soft and silky coverage in a range of skin-matching shades. 

Silk Benefits

•    Sheer-to-medium coverage in a lightweight formula
•    Smooth and silky finish
•    Natural sheen and warmth
•    Formulated with hydrolyzed silk fibers, neem extract, natural humectants and vitamin E
•    Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
•    No makeup buildup
•    Weightless all-day wear (up to 18 hours)
•    Water- and sweat-resistant
•    Paraben-, fragrance- and oil-free
•    Noncomedogenic
•    Dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested
•    Suitable for all skin types
•    Never tested on animals
•    Gentle enough for acne-prone, sensitive and mature skin



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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews
 Madeline C Jones

Fantastic, I love it, the only thing holding me back is price. It is what I have been looking for, because on my face and neck I have 7 spot that are different in color.


I just received my luminess air system today & couldn't wait to try it out, OMG! I absolutely love it, my skin looks so flawless & natural.

 Tonesha Mccray

I purchased the Luminess airbrush a few months back of this year i got tired of always using store brands where I am constantly buying some cosmetics so one day i was watching t.v and it was an ad about the Luminess airbrush and at first i was like nah that's dumb i Dont need that I'm still young mind you I'm 21 years old lol but i thought why nit order it because i love trying new things and this caught my attention usually with my normal cosmetics I'm taking up too 2 hours to get ready to go out with my girls or even a guy friend so with this product i love that i can just airbrush my make-up on i would absolutely don't recommend it to a friend or family ! If your ever trying to get that young beautiful look its really amazing ! And skin toned ! 😍😘😘 so now when i go out i can just airbrush which takes up no time so yes its something to love haha even on my Instagram are photos that I take people always say how Flawless my skin so i would like to take the time to say thank you Luminess airbrush for blessing my life

 Sheryl Martinez

i have had my Luminess system for a few months now and I can honestly say it is incredible! I had put off buying it in fear that it wouldn't do the job that they say. But oh my gosh, I can't see myself using anything else ever again. I love the silk foundation and how smooth it makes my complexion look. I have to add while I get the chance, the customer service people are the best. I want to give a shout out to Michelle and Tiera for all the help they have given me. Thanks ladies

 Sheryl Martinez

i have had my Luminess system for a few months now and I can honestly say it is incredible! I had put off buying it in fear that it wouldn't do the job that they say. But oh my gosh, I can't see myself using anything else ever again. I love the silk foundation and how smooth it makes my complexion look. I have to add while I get the chance, the customer service people are the best. I want to give a shout out to Michelle and Tiera for all the help they have given me. Thanks ladies


This is the BEST foundation I've ever used and the first that truly matched my skin tone. I was leary of trying airbrush makeup, but I'll never go back.

 Debbie G

I really enjoy the foundation.. it covers well and doesn't look as obvious as regular foundation. I also love the sealant. I don't have to worry about makeup on my collars any more. I do wish they would have more sales on the foundation. It takes more than a couple of drops to cover. I do love the fact that it lasts all day.

 Arkecia Mottis

The blush, I like the rose color. It gives you a beautiful sun kiss look, which leaves your face natural and clean, with a hint of color. Any blush color that you use goes a long way, I usually use 2 drops, which goes a long way.


I am a dark skin with dark circles under my eyes and dark spots on my skin. Air luminess makes my skin look flawless. it is so easy to use. you should have african americans, dark completion, in your commericials. i never knew that this product would work so well. I need to order some more of your products, ie concealer,x out and more foundation. please send me this info. thank you


Wow! Just Wow! I just turned 56 years young and love how the Luminess products look and feel. So easy to use and the results are amazing! If you're on the fence, try it and I know you'll fall in love with it just like I did. Great coverage, soft look and flawless blending. Thank you, Luminess!!


Growing up with mother, who had severe asthma and allergy issues, I never really learned to use makeup when I was younger. Fortunately, at the ripe age of 57, I came across Luminess products... and now I get all kinds of compliments on my youthful look!! Thanks to family "genes', I have serious dark circles under my eyes... but these products actually cover them... and I feel pretty and confident in public. No more looking like I am seriously sleep deprived and old.. hello youthful me!!


what a life changing product the results out weigh the expectation by far will never use anything else thank you


Love this make up is the best I've ever came across to i love it so much i know is kinda expensive but so worth it😊😊😊😆 it makes your skin look beautiful and smooth, i suffer from a lot of acne and i try everything proactive and many more acne products to improve my skin but nothing works so now with this luminess air make up my face is clearing up also it looks amazing 😊 thank you so much for this.


I was quite skeptical, with so many 'snake oil salesmen' trying to sell you something too good to be true; however, I saw the infomercial and it sounded intelligent and logical. I thought why not, I already used only mineral makeup. Being the adventurous sort. Why not? I did my granddaughters makeup for her Junior High Prom, 2 girls for their Senior pictures, a bride and her entire bridal party. Lastly, I did my own makeup and played with the product. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this makeup. I tried it and will not use anything else. It worked for fair white to darker native American skin. (Diversity within family and friends.) The bride and her party were in awe of their results. Thank you for helping me give her a gift that made her day so special Luminess Air!!!! If you are on the fence about this product, don't be. It does just what they advertise. Feels feather light on your skin and winds back the clock with just a puff of air. The most inexpensive way to lift your spirits and look years younger, while looking beautifully you!

 tina bassi

I am just learning about the product. little overwhelming at first but I am looking forward to the journey. I am not sure where to let you know re: technical issue. I can't not tell someone when I see something not right. I pray I get the same courtesy. Following is a short excerpt for the product listed above: "Our Silk foundation dries to a rick, silky finish". If possible you may want to change the word rick to rich. Thanks for helping me find a makeup that works with my skin, and it's imperfections, while not taking hours to accomplish the task.


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