Matte Airbrush Foundation

Matte Airbrush Foundation

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Matte Airbrush Foundation

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Luminess Air’s Matte Airbrush Foundation is a shine-free, weightless medium-to-full coverage foundation that delivers soft, even coverage with a freshly powdered velvety-matte finish. 

What is Matte?

When you have oily or combination skin, you know the frustration of looking in the mirror mid-day and seeing your foundation slowly sliding off your face. With Matte, Luminess balances flat with flattering in a satin-smooth, breathable foundation that evens and enhances, eliminates shine and masks imperfections to reveal only your best assets.  

Matte is formulated with fine particles of kaolin, a naturally occurring mineral used for hundreds of years for its oil absorbency and skin soothing properties. Kaolin purifies your skin, clearing pores and soaking up excess moisture without causing flakiness or excessive drying. Mystic also contains anti-inflammatory neem extract and the moisturizing humectant glycerin. These natural ingredients keep your face looking fresh and healthy by improving your skin’s balance and reducing pore-clogging oils, dirt and environmental toxins.

Makeup minimalists can simplify their morning ritual with a seamless finish in fewer steps. With just one light airbrush application, wrinkles instantly soften, pores minimize and flaws disappear, leaving you with a natural velvety effect and a matte finish that won’t fall flat. If you need more coverage, Matte’s superior blend-ability easily goes from medium to full coverage while still allowing your skin to breathe and your natural luminosity to shine through. 

Mineral-based, oil-free and hypoallergenic, Matte’s gentle formula is light enough for everyday use. Matte provides 10+ hours of transfer- and smudge-resistant coverage for a flawless, fresh-face sheen.   

Who is Matte For?

This luxurious, all-in-one airbrush foundation was developed for the woman who wants medium-to-full coverage with a shine-free velvety finish. With just a few drops, Matte blurs imperfections including large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, redness, scars, birthmarks, blemishes, rosacea, discolorations and dark undereye circles.

For those with acne-prone or problem skin, Matte is infused with neem extract which is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Neem extract contains antioxidant compounds that soothe inflammation and help defend your skin against age-promoting free radicals. 

Matte is best for oily to combination skin types and provides exceptionally powder smooth coverage in a range of skin-matching shades. 

Matte Benefits

•    Medium-to-full coverage in a no-shine formula
•    Absorbs excess moisture and oil for a velvety, smooth finish
•    Formulated with kaolin, neem extract and natural humectants 
•    Increases localized circulation to help reduce inflammation
•    Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
•    No makeup buildup
•    Weightless all-day wear (up to 18 hours)
•    Water- and sweat-resistant 
•    Paraben-, fragrance- and oil-free
•    Noncomedogenic
•    Dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested
•    Best choice for oily and combination skin
•    Never tested on animals
•    Gentle enough for acne-prone, sensitive and mature skin

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews

I love my luminess air brush system but the foundation that it came with didnt match my skin tone. But overall a wonderful product!

 Sonia Flores

Absolutely love the Airbrush Matte Foundation, it matched my skin color complexion perfectly. The coverage is more than what I expected. Love it!!!


Love how the color matches my skin . Feels like I'm not wearing any make up . So easy to use.

 Elmar Stolfus

Perfect for my oily skin . Love the products

 Michelle Smith

Rosecea, large pores, oily AND flaky dry skin and at 43, I break out like I'm still 16! A life-threatening hysterectomy at 35 did not help my skin. BUT for the first time since before I was a teen, I am actually having "good-skin days! I have had the system for about 6 months and I mix 2 shades. I don't wear makeup every day, but have been more and more because Luminess is so FAST & EASY! The redness is eliminated especially well with the Eraser. And I always use the moisturizer. I just purchased the sealant to try this summer. And I'm reordering! ME! Happy with a cosmetic! Thank you LuminessAir!

 Eileen Sultan

It's the best make up I've used so far I don't think I will ever go back to wearing anything else 😊

 Belinda Jones

I love the Matte Foundation. I have normal/oily skin and this stops the afternoon oily shine. I started using Luminess in September 2016 and so happy with the results. I love the way it allows you to have thin coverage or heavy coverage and still looks very professional. I'm in my 50s now and this make up is really good at hiding small lines and wrinkles. Also, my face changes color a bit with each season. Now, instead of having many bottles of different color foundation, I use two, the whole year. My main color is Porcelain and my secondary color is #3. I add a drop or two of my secondary color to make Porcelain a bit darker and adjust for each season. It is Perfect for me. I'm so glad I changed to LuminessAir and will continue using it.


I am a first time user of Luminess, Ive had my system for 4 days and I was in Love the very first use...OMG I can not believe the difference, I do look younger using this system, no question....I use foundations 2-3-4-5 blending and contouring...The air brush is AWESOME and soooo easy to use...I can't believe it took me sooo long to get this....

 Sharon Johnson

I love this makeup. I am 70 years old and I am constantly receiving compliments on my makeup. I mix Shades 3 & 4 to get the perfect color and coverage. It looks like I'm wearing the shearest coverage with no caking, like nothing at all, but I'm glowing. I love this Airbrush system.

 Sharon Johnson

I love this makeup. I am 70 years old and I am constantly receiving compliments on my makeup. I mix Shades 3 & 4 to get the perfect color and coverage. It looks like I'm wearing the shearest coverage with mo caking or creases, like nothing at all, but I'm glowing. I love this Airbrush system.

 Sharon Johnson

I love this makeup. I am 70 years old and I am constantly receiving compliments on my makeup. How it looks like I'm wearing nothing at all, but I'm glowing. Sorry I waited so long to use Luminess Airbrush system.

 gwendolyn woody

Love my system, just the look I have always looked for. Have seen lots of complaints about loosing a bottle due to spillage, I lost one also, but it was my fault, if you tighten real tight it will pop the neck off container. Not your fault. I would recommend the system to any and everyone. I am 73 years young and it took me until about 18 months ago to find something I really, really liked.


Wow I just love it makes my skin look younger and so clear ty luminess air..


Omg......I have been a mac user 4 10+ years....I decided to try the airbrush system omg I'm so so pleased it's amazing omg ......less greasy less make up light weight fast to put on love it....I be so excited to put it on the next day omg it comes off so easy don't get on my close when I kiss my hubby it don't get on his nose tip ha ..... I still use my Mac blot just when I get hot to give me a super dry look it works AMAZING!! C/S is so kind and helpful..Ty


I love this foundation... It's a flawless finish...