WWD Review - Luminess Air Broadens Its Retail and Product Reach

Luminess Air’s Chief Executive Officer Sean Mehta recently spoke with Rachel Brown at WWD.com about the reach and broadened market scope for Luminess Air in conjunction with its other groundbreaking businesses like Conture and Bairly Sheer.

As Luminess “boosts its product portfolio” in the skincare, makeup and beauty industries Mehta reminds everyone what is at the root of each of the businesses. “We are in the air business. We are looking for ways of modulating air to help the skin receive and naturally absorb topicals in a more effective and results-oriented manner. You put on your lotions and serums as part of your regimen everyday, why not put them on in a way where you can see meaningful results after? We have found a better way to put on skin care [sic] like we have found a better way to put on cosmetics,” Mehta says.

Luminess Air has long been known to use infomercials as its main source for advertising dollars, but as the company is reaching younger audiences, including millennials, the Luminess team is taking things to a more digital (social media) type approach.

The article also touches on Luminess’ latest airbrush foundation collection, Mystic, and how affordable it is for consumers.

The full article and interview can be found at WWD.com with a log-in for their subscription services. The interview ran on September 1, 2016.