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Luminess AirSupremacy is the first full line of spray-on cosmetics. From Foundation to Blush, Tattoo & Blemish Cover to Body Shimmer, AirSupremacy has it all.

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Developed from Luminess Air Water-Based Airbrush Foundations, formulated for everyday use featuring the most innovative, non-flammable and ultra-low pressure aerosol technology.Perfect for every skin type, and a perfect match for every skin tone.

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Luminess AirSupremacy gives you the options of sheer to full coverage creating high-definition results hiding uneven skin texture and other imperfections. You can see the skin through this light makeup while still covering blemishes, which makes the airbrush effect appear invisible.

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Body Shimmer


Luminess AirSupremacy Body Shimmer is designed to add the finishing touch of shimmer on your skin including areas such as your face, décolleté, arms, and even legs. It is applied as a subtle, natural glow that can be layered for more intensity in four different shades.

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Luminess AirSupremacy Blush is natural, extremely blendable, and effortless for that perfect flush look. This blush can be worn alone or layered together for more depth creating a subtle pink undertone that highlights any complexion in 3 different shades.

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Beauty Mist


Luminess AirSupremacy Beauty Mists are the perfect soft-sprays from start to finish in your beauty routine. Start with the Primer to set your face before applying Foundation, add depth and contour with the Bronzer and finish the makeup routine with Makeup Sealant. The Beauty Mists are a must in your everyday makeup routine.

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