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AirSupremacy will change the way you see makeup. Perfectly formulated for any skin type and tone. If you don’t believe us, take a look!

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AirSupremacy uses ultra-low pressure and non-flammable spray to gently lay the makeup on your skin. This causes the makeup to rest on the skin, not sink into creases and pores, giving you a younger flawless look.


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AirSupremacy absorbs oily skin for a soft, satin finish. Problem areas on the skin, including redness and uneven pigmentation, are easily erasable for flawless looking skin.

AirSupremacy Foundation can lighten and smooth discoloration including dark circles under the eyes. It blends to get the perfect shade and coverage on skin.

AirSupremacy Airbrush Makeup is applied as a thin, even layer that will camouflage imperfections without looking cakey.


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AirSupremacy Hide-Out camouflages different scales of imperfections. Scarring, wrinkles and birthmarks are virtually invisible due to the fine mist that minimizes and evens skin tones creating a fresh and natural look.

Achieve full coverage on tattoos, bruises and other markings on the body. This will create natural coverage and all over porcelain looking skin.

Show off your legs without the worry of varicose veins being the main attraction. AirSupremacy Hide-Out can be used on the body for a natural look without ever knowing makeup is there.

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