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Get That Soft, Dewy Finish With This Airbrush Foundation Ultra Starter Kit. Color-Matched To Your Skin Tone, This Kit Will Give You The Color Range You Need To Put Your Best Face Forward. Free Of Oils, Alcohol And Preservatives For A Natural Look.<Br/>
Our Starter Kit Includes 4 .25oz Foundations, Blush, Glow And Primer. This Kit Contains Everything You Need To Create A Flawless Complexion! Requires A Luminess Air Cosmetic System To Work.

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews

Does this starter kit come with the air brush?


I purchased a a kit for each my daughter and myself. We are Filipino with medium skin tones, and have not had any issues matching our color. Anytime I go out with my airbrush makeup on I get complimented on how nice my skin looks. Very satisfied customer!


Yo quiero un luminess


I love the tan foundation kit I purchased two years ago, which was my start with both Luminess and all airbrushed make-up. It's amazing that I was able to find appropriate use for all 4-tones in the kit (#'s 5, 6, 7, & 8). I use 50/50 of colors 5 & 7; additionally, I use #6 as a highlighter and #8 as my deep contour color. Since I use so little of the color each time, approximately 3-days per week, my make-up budget is very do-able. I get many complements regarding my skin condition and my complexion; Luminess helps me continue to stay beautiful!


The fair kit is NOT fair at all. I am a makeup artist and the shades in the fair kit are for medium skin tones, NOT fair skin tones. Please offer an ultra-fair or light kit that includes shade 1 for porcelain skin tones. There was nothing usable in this kit in the way of foundations for my clients with fair skin and I had to buy a large separate bottle to get the correct color.


I have been using Luminess for over a year now and love it. I have strawberry hair and blue eyes, and have always had problems finding makeup to match my skin tone. With Luminess I can mix different shades to make it right. The makeup it also very light and covers blemishes and dark circles under my eyes. People think that I am younger than what I am. Since I travel a lot the starter kit is perfect for travel.


I could match my shade...


Esta orden llega con todo el producto que necesita y el precio es el major.


Este paquete incluye todos los productos que usted necesita para una aplicación hermosa el precio es impresionante


Recommend this starter kit comes with all the product you will need to receive the flawless Finish!!


Will there ever be a large bottle starter kit on sale? The starter kits are the best thing for me as I am a makeup artist and would love large bottles. Send reply to thanks :)


Love My starter kits comes with different shades to mix match on my skin


Perfect range of starter colours to help you find the perfect shade