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Fotoset Primer

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A primer that helps you achieve a younger look by resurfacing the skin and diminishing the look of spots and blemishes giving you a picture perfect finish.

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews

I truly love this product... my problem is the pump, it doesn't work sometimes even when it still has a great amount of product! I hate the this product has a big demand and it's hard to find in stock knowing that!


PLEASE bring this primer back!


I'm wondering where this primer is? When is it coming back? I have semi oily skin and a little rosacea issue to my face. I don't see any other primer that takes care of the issues this one does. Is it coming back? Please help!


Yes! please bring this product back. I've been out and I've never used anything like it before. It is ONE of your best products. Don't throw this product out, keep it coming in. I just hate that I ran out of it!!!!


please bring this product works perfectly!


Love this primer, so when are you getting it back in? I've been out for awhile and was it's making sure that it is coming back.


Love the way my face feels with this primer. I have been out for awhile, so when is it coming back in stock?


Love this primer. I've used many different high priced brands. This is by far my favorite. Waiting for three months for this product to get back in stock. Please get it back in stock ASAP.


I love this makeup. all other makeup I have tried has been so heavy and has made me itch and I end up scratching or washing it off. This is so light that I don't even know it is there, but other people do. And, I get many compliments. The only thing that bothers me is how long it takes to receive my products after I place my order. I read on another site where the customer service people were very rude. That has not been true in my case. I broke a stylus and don't how and they replaced it free of charge. Then, most recently I had an issue with a charge on one of my items in the same order. I called the next morning and when I got a customer rep on the line she was so kind and helped me work out my problem. They have always been there to answer any questions I have. Like I said before, I just can't understand why it takes so long to receive their products. 4-6 weeks seems a bit long to me. Thank you Luminess for an excellent products.


Only thing that would shrink my pours and not clog them - when will it be in stock again?


This product really took care of my discoloration, thank you for your fine product..


love how it covers all my imperfections making me post more pictures on my instagram without my fine lines being visible coming from someone who just turned 66 and feel like am in my 50's all over again not afraid to take pictures for my admirers(;


So love this fotoset primer!! It covers a lot of my blemishes that you cannot even tell they are there!! Really recommend this product especially for those awesome photo shoots for grads. weddings ect.!