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Gel Eye Shadows

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Get long-lasting and professional looking eyeshadow with our go-to luxury Gel Eyeshadows. You’ll have lovely lids all holiday long with our easy application Gel Eyeshadows! 

• Water resistant; stays on throughout the day

• Special ingredients provide a smooth finish

• Highly concentrated colors that blend easily

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews
 Susan Homsey

I was very skeptical about trying the airbrush makeup and boy was I wrong. I absolutely love it and am going to try the eye makeup and can't wait to get them! I also was happy to find cleaners for my air brush system. I am also trying the makeup remover cloths and will switch to them if I like them! I am disabled and the company is working with me so I can afford to look beautiful like everyone else can! I am still in my trial stage and all I can say is try it, you will LOVE it, there is no way you won't love it too! Thanks so much for in just a few seconds I look so much younger ... no dark circles under my eyes anymore!


Just wondering, if anyone knows the new eye gel colors? It says "+ more colors" but I'm only seeing the same 3 colors they've had for awhile now. If anyone knows, please share..... The star rating is because I absolutely LOVE my airbrush makeup!!! I have a LOT of contact allergies & was still having hive/rash issues with even the mineral makeup brands out there, no matter how often I washed my brushes using my fragrance-free cleanser. But, since switching to luminess, I no longer itch & hive & my skin is flawless, even with my rosacea! In fact, I was in a beauty salon/store for an eyebrow tweeze (as I can't be waxed, of course) but the girl called 1 of the girls that does makeup for weddings/occasions & they were both going on about how beautiful my skin was & what products did I use that allowed me "to be able to walk out of the house to run errands with just a little mascara & lip gloss"! They couldn't believe it, when I told them I did have makeup on because of how well is applied it, in addition to how well I'd color matched my skin! Given, I wasn't in "full face" or anything because I tend to go for a very natural looking look for my everyday look. But I left an entire salon in total amazement over my "flawless & completely natural looking skin"! Because, they said, even when women are going for that more natural everyday look, you can always tell they have more than a little mascara & lip gloss on! Of course, I still continue to get skin compliments all the time & I've only been using luminess since January 2016!

 Gllian Gonzales

i love how they blend so beautifully and they stay on all day i never have trouble with the eye shadow creasing, i always get compliments..

 Kimberly Collins

I love the gel eye shadows they look so professional for the wonderful price!!


What has happened to the Gel Eye Shadows? Please do not discontinue these. I love these. I want the pink so bad but did not see it when I went to order it. I see the new eye shadows but really love the gel eye shadows. I was going to say the silver is my favorite, but they are all my favorite!


Please, please please come out with more colors! This eye shadow is awesome. Since I have started using Luminess Air I do not use any other make-up. I love all the tips that are on this site. The best one yet is to add the brightener to your foundation and then apply your foundation. Wonderful glowing look. I use the moisturizer primer in the morning and at night. More sales on that please! Thank you so much Luminess for changing the way we apply our make-up.

 Lesta Spain

I just bought the white gel highlighter. I love it! Would like to see Fall and Winter colors, but all in MATTE, including light highlighters in MATTE). Some of us older ladies need that! Thanks! 😑

 Tina Murray

You can actually use a thin brush and apply as eyeliner as well looks gorgeous!

 Mirna Bano

I am so please with these eye shadows the application is beautiful and they stay on all day without having to retouch love them.

 Veronica S.

So many different shades to pick from!! I just want them all!

 love itttttttttttttttttt!!!

im an eyeshadow fanatic and these are by far the BEST eyeshadows i have ever used.... GREAT JOB LUMINESS AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 neshelle calhoun

this product is amazing for women of color. not many eyeshadows compliment darker women like myself, but this gel shadow does not clash with my skin at all. excellent product!

 Elizabeth Wyant

I have tried many brands of gel and loved them so thought I would try Luminess brand. I do not see myself using anything else after this is gives my eyes the perfect pop! The bronze color is the only one I purchase because I am into neutral colors only.

 Moira V.

These cream eyeshadows make the perfect base to make any eyeshadow of any color more vibrant and long lasting!

 Rodneykah howsley

This gel eyeshadow is the bomb for such small containers this product last a very long time, and does alot for me as a woman of color.