Basic Everyday Airbrush System Kit

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Get that flawless, camera-ready look from head to toe! The leader in airbrush technology brings you system for everyday use. 

Effortlessly achieve professional quality results at home with this compact, easy-to-use airbrush cosmetics delivery system. The system has a whisper quiet motor, continuous airflow and a patented stylus that delivers a micro-fine mist of tiny pixels that subtly erase imperfections and evens skin tone for a naturally flawless HD finish.   
Luminess airbrush foundations deliver high-impact pigments in a weightless, breatheable formula that looks and feels as natural as bare skin. With just one airbrush application, wrinkles instantly soften, imperfections disappear and years fade away leaving you with a youthful, full body glow.  Due to its superior blend-ability, our entire line easily transitions from sheer to complete coverage while still allowing your natural luminosity to shine through.

The airbrush system is dermatologist tested and recommended. Airbrushing helps eliminate cross contamination resulting in healthier, fresher skin. Along with our revolutionary line of foundations, the system is designed for easy, quick and long-lasting applications of concealer, primer, moisturizer, blush, eyeshadow, bronzer, skincare rejuvenation products and much more. 

Kit Includes:
Everyday Airbrush System
AC Adaptor
1 Year Warranty
4 – 0.25oz bottles foundation
1 – 0.25oz Blush
1 – 0.25oz Skin Brightening Glow
1 – 0.25oz Moisturizer/Primer
1 – 0.25oz Bronzer

•    Ultra-Low PSI for soft and precise makeup application
•    Lightweight, compact and durable enough for travel
•    Whisper quiet motor
•    Sculpt, shape and highlight without ever touching your face
•    Professional makeup artist results at home
•    Dermatologist tested and recommended
•    Easy to use on the face and body

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Ratings & Reviews

I received my Luminess system as a Christmas gift and I am amazed at how great my make up looks! I am beyond thrilled and recommend Luminess to anyone wanting great coverage without the heavy feel of conventional foundations! It basically feels as if I'm not even wearing makeup yet my face looks flawless! I love everything about Luminess. Customer Service is excellent also. I had a small problem as a result of shipping which caused one of my bottles to leak, but after a brief message to Luminess they promptly shipped out another bottle to me. I love this product and will be a customer for life! Thank you Luminess for awesome products and great customer service!


I'm 41and never could find makeup that didn't feel heavy, broke out my skin or did what it claimed. Luminess is so incredibly easy to use and is everything it claims. I just used it for the first time, following along with the videos and I can't say enough great things about this system! It's exceeds my expectations! Did I mention I have a 3 & 5 year old and have no time? It's super fast-something I hated about other makeup. The prices are awesome too and you don't waste any product. I am sold!!!!


I just received my unit about a month ago and have been using it every day sense I will have to say I'm very impressed and really like the product


I like


I've never experienced such Profesional looking n easy to apply makeup




I have really bad sun spots i purchased my system have been using it for a month and i am very pleased its everything your company advertises and the results are to die for, my spots are no longer visible the coverage is natural my makeup no longer clogs my pores, no more breakouts and i feel more confident about myself i feel and look younger. My skin looks healthier and i feel good about myself this is worth every penny!!!!


I've had mine a couple of months and really like it, I don't use it everyday but when I do it is so natural looking and feels great. My sister came down for a wedding on the beach and I let her use it and she was so impressed with the way it felt and looked, but what sold her on it was how it held up in the heat, it didn't run or sweat off like her normal makeup does. She called me a couple of days later and had me to get her one. She should be getting it this


I am a first time user and i am very happy with the results glad i caught it on sale, this system is wonderful, gave me all the results the company promises for a women who travels for work very easy to pack and i always look flawless


Excellent Product


not a girl that wore make up very much, finally they have made a system than is very easy and looks great.




Love It!!


Seen this on TV and ordered it, did not remember ordering and it just showed up at my door. I was so ready to return after I seen the price and called the service line where a rep had encouraged me to try it for my 30 day trial period since I had paid already. I decided to give it a try because I am really into all types of makeup and I fell IN LOVE!! with my system. It leaves my looking so much younger and fresher and the makeup last a really long time..I kept my system and glad I did


Have never worn make up in my life... Bought this on a whim....it took me over a month to finally pull it out and try it. Didn't even watch the video...that's how easy and awesome this item is...I absolutely LOVE it