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How does Luminess Airbrush Cosmetics stack-up
to leading foundation makeup systems?
Luminess Airbrush Cosmetics Mineral Powders Liquid Foundations Pressed Powder Foundations
Method of application Airbrushed for seamless "feathered" application Applied with 1-3" makeup brush Applied with makeup brush or foundation sponge Applied with compact sponge applicator
Airbrush Look Gold Standard
Self Cleaning Applicator
Level of Coverage range
(1= low coverage, 10= high coverage)
Very flexible coverage from sheer 1 to a maximum 10 level coverage Limited coverage on the sheer 1 to moderate 5 range, not designed for maximum coverage Best for delivering moderate 5 to maximum coverage 10, difficult to get light coverage Limited sheer 1 to medium 5 coverage
Looks like Natural Skin No - Powdery & flakey No - Thick & unnatural No - Thick & unnatural
Professional Result Yes - Fast & Easy No - Generally never used by professionals Yes - Takes light hand and many layers No - Generally never used by professionals
Designed for daily use
Special Occasion Use
Long Lasting - just 1 application up to 18 hours Typically 2-4 hours or less Typically 2-6 hours or less Typically 2-4 hours or less
Requires touch-ups Non-transfer, touch-free result Easily-transfers, requires touch-ups Yes/No - Depending on formula Easily-transfers, requires touch-ups
Sweat/water proof Yes when used with airbrush sealant Yes, but heavy on skin
SPF Sun protection Yes - SPF 15+ Yes - SPF 15+ Yes - SPF 15+ Yes - SPF 15+
Remove with Water & mild cleanser Water & mild cleanser Water & mild cleanser Water & mild cleanser
Best for skin types Various formulations for dry, normal, combination and oily skin types Best for normal skin types generally Limited results for dry or oily skin Various formulations available but generally best for dry to normal skin Best for dry to normal skin type
Finishes available Matte, Natural or Satin Matte only Matte or Satin Matte or Satin
Superior 4 in 1 formula Yes - Moisturizer, primer,concealer & foundation in one
Texture skin results Minimizes texture Not recommended for texture skin Cakey on texture skin Moderate performance texture skin
See skin swatch result
Fine lines & wrinkles Minimizes lines & wrinkles Exagerates lines & wrinkles Exagerates lines & wrinkles Exagerates lines & wrinkles
Irritation Possibility Hypoalergenic makeup & Touch-free application Can dry sensitive skin or cause irritation by brush Wetness of liquid foundation and/or brush/sponge can irritate skin Application sponge can easily irritate skin
Ingredients Natural, water based, silicone & parabin free, fragrance free Natural Synthetic & Natural available, wide range of ingredients & preservatives Synthetic & Natural available
Oil- Free Yes & No, depending on formulation
Color match friendly
Luminess Airbrush shades blend with natural skin tones regardless of if user is fair skinned or extremely deep exotic complexioned

Generally works best with light to medium skin tones. Extremely ashy with tan to deep skin types

Extremely difficult to color match most skin tones as Liquid full coverage tends to "paint" out original skin to compete not compliment user’s natural skin

Best color matches for fair to medium toned skin shades, tends to become ashy with darker skin tones
Shades for Ethnic skin tones Limited Limited
Coverage or tint when on the skin? Coverage Only Tints skin Coverage Tint to light coverage
Light or heavy weight feel on skin? Always light to undetectable on the skin, Luminess Air coverage particles range for 3-20 microns Initially delivers light coverage but additional touch-ups and a few hours later results in a heavy cakey build-up (15-90 microns Goes on wet, must be blended evenly for coverage, generally cakey, mask feel instantly. Additional setting powders usually required, end result is heavy (25-100 microns) Generally light to moderate feel, pigment binding oils leave a feel, required reoccurring touch-ups which increase the weight through the day (15-90 microns on the skin
Best for age groups Excellent for all skin age groups, especially women with maturing skin between 30-65+ Best for young skin <30 years or less Works on most age groups but shows poorly on women with texture, fine lines, wrinkles Best for young skin <30 years or less as pressed powder shows in lines and wrinkles
Hygiene Consideration Best Hygiene, Dermatologist Recommended Low hygiene and susceptible to contamination from dirty brush which may result in staff infections. Must clean brush regularly Low hygiene and susceptible to contamination from dirty brush or sponge which may result in staff infections Low hygiene and susceptible to contamination from dirty sponge which may result in staff infections.
Travel Friendly
Airbrush can do more than just foundation Foundation, shadow, body, hair line fill-in, incredible contouring & more Foundation only Foundation only Foundation only
Cost of cosmetics with quality recognized brands as low as $18-$40 $18-$40 ranging $18-$40 ranging on quality $18-$40 ranging on quality
Overall assessment Luminess & airbrush makeup is the Gold-standard used by professionals and consumers when looking your best is important. A must for maturing skin or skin with blemishes & issues.
Recommended by Dermatologists, Professional Academy Award Makeup artists for the modern day best result
Excellent solution for young, non-blemish skin. Delivers an easy tint but very low coverage. Limited use for problem skin and not recommended for dry or oily skin types. Old-School foundation is blotchy and requires skill to cover and blend. Coverage is high but results in a "painted-on" look that leaves coverage borders. Hard to make look natural and not recommended for high texture or maturing skin. This is why many women in their 40-50 & 60 stop using foundation all together Limited result, similar to mineral powders, but with slightly longer wear. Limited blending and can easily leave the foundation mask look on skin. Limited coverage and best for women with young to non-problamatic skin
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Unbeatable Coverage
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Paraben Free
Dermatologist Recommended
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